Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne with Polenta Mash

I kinda like it when we don’t have much in the cupboard or fridge… it means I have use my imagination! This week’s “we-don’t-got-much-food-left” adventure has created this recipe. I don’t eat chilli, but you might so add it if you like. By the way, polenta is so awesome and I totally forget to use it as a potato or rice replacement… get on it!

1 packet of TVP mince (or some cooked kidney beans), re-hydrate by following package instructions
Olive oil
1 onion, finely diced
3 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
Whatever sad vegies you have left in the fridge or whatever’s in the garden – I had some zucchini, tomatoes, carrot and kale.
Home-made taco seasoning (click here for the recipe)
A few handfuls of fresh coriander, roughly chopped
1/2 cup of polenta
Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Heat up a large saucepan or frypan with a few dashes of olive oil.
2. Add garlic and onion, stir for a few minutes until golden.
3. Add your vegies and keep on stirring for a few more minutes.
4. Add the TVP mince or your kidney beans along with as much taco seasoning as your heart desires. (You would add your chilli here if you wanna spice things up). Stir for a minute or so.
5. Add a splash of water. You want a bit of ‘juice’ in your pan to cook your ingredients. Keep adding water until you’ve reached a consistency you like.
6. Add chopped coriander and stir through. Simmer ingredients on a low heat.
7. Cook your polenta by adding 1/2 cup to a saucepan. I’m sure there’s a formula for polenta/water ratio but I just add some water and start to stir and then add some more water and stir some more and then add some more water. Slowly, your polenta will cook and thicken to a ‘mash’ consistency and this will only take a few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
8. Serve polenta mash and con carne side by side with some more fresh coriander or your favourite salad. Whatever is in the fridge!

An original for Vegematarian.

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