2013 New Years Resolution

2013 New Years Resolution

Oh, how I love a good New Years Resolution. Not an unachievable resolution like a personality transplant or unachievable health goal… but something that inspires and brings happiness.

This blog was my 2010 New Years Resolution and look what it’s turned into! From a very humble beginning it has grown to 350 posts, 62607 views from visitors across the globe (Pumpkin and Lentil Salad was the most viewed recipe in 2012) with an average of 315 views per day.

In 2013, my resolution is to cook at least one recipe a week from the collection of cookbooks in our kitchen cupboard. I’m sure you’re the same, a great range of beautiful cookbooks that never get used. A search on the Internet is just too easy! So I’ve pulled the books out, dusted them off, and placed them on the shelf in my study. Ready to go! Who knows, I might get so excited that I buy more cookbooks from the second hand shop around the corner?!

Happy 2013, everyone. I hope the new year is full of delicious, inspiring, moorish, comforting, interesting, natural, organic, environmentally-friendly and memorable eating experiences… plus I wish you happiness and good health.

~ Kirsty

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